Profitable Google advertising service  

It is possible to make profitable Google Ad campaings. Read more about how we manage our client's ad accounts and how we deliver them great results.

Our Google Ads toolbox

We build unique campaigns for every customer using tools that work for them.
There is no one way to build a successful Google ad campaign.

Google Search Ads

Advertising for people who already know what they want and are searching for a supplier. Search advertising usually delivers the best ROI because its in the end of buying funnel.

Banner ads

When your customer doesn't know you or your product exists in the market place.  Banner ads are great for building your brand image. Not so great for delivering direct results.

Youtube Advertising

Video is known to be the best way to get your message delivered for the customer.

With Youtube Advertising we can deliver your message directly to your target market.

You only pay when someone does not press "skip ad" or watched the ad for more than 30 seconds.

Mobile advertising

Advertising in Android and iPhone mobile apps usually works if your target market is younger generation.

Mobile advertising rarely gives you direct results. Many of the banner clicks will be accidental.

This kind of advertising is usually used when you're trying to build your brand or raise interest for a product line.

Remarketing / Retargeting

Remarketing is a method of targetings the ads.

We can show search, banner, video or mobile ads for only those people who have already visited your website.

Most profitable way of using remarketing is to show ads for people who have abandoned your shopping cart.

InMarket audience

InMarket audience is the newcomer targeting method in Google Ads.

We can give Google a list of search terms or urls. If your customer Googles these terms  or visits the urls (from organic results) Google will start showing your ads to them.

It's targeting banner ads for people who use certain search terms.

Our Google Ads Clients

The secret behind our great ad results

Custom Landing Pages for every ad


Landing pages are pages in your website that are only accessible from your Google Ads.

We make a landing page for every of your important product or service.

We have made great results with Landing Pages on our clients and that is why unlimited amount of landing pages is included in our fee.

We have great knowledge and experience on how to make the landing page design so it sells.

We have achieved ten times better results with landing pages compared to same ad account where ads are directed to the client's main website. For no additional cost.

Asiakkaan oma sivusto vs. mainossivut


Monthly meeting or video conference.

You can follow your advertising in real time (Google Analytics) or with automated email reports but we think the best way to inform the client about who is it going with the advertising is monthly meetings or video calls.

In the meeting we will 

  • Go through how did last month go? What went well, what went wrong and how can we do better next time.
  • Make a plan what are we going to do next month. New campaigns, tests or adjustments
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